Moisturizing Eczema Relief Lotion Stick

$ 14.00

 Chock full of nourishing, skin-loving oils such as tamanu, argan, jojoba, coconut, neem and hemp, and thick, rich shea and cocoa butter, your skin will feel the difference in days.  Neem oil has a funky, nutty scent that not everyone enjoys, and we've found that combining it with a sweet and tart citrus blend, the neem is hard to detect and you'll smell great!

We've poured it into a solid twist tube making it easier to apply where needed.

To Use:  Apply to affected area of skin and rub in.  Use as needed.  Do not apply to broken skin.

Twist tube is 2 ounces.

 As with all of our products, this is phthalate, paraben and sulfate free.

With all products that utilize natural herbs and/or essential oils, always conduct a skin test to ensure you do not react negatively prior to use.

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