Winery/Brewery Exclusives

We are thrilled to offer our wine and/or beer soap to Wineries and Breweries throughout the U.S.!  We use your wine or beer to make a luxurious bar of soap.  The soap is packaged in our trademark packaging with your wine/beer name as the soap name and your business name on the label. 

If you own a Winery or Brewery, here are a few FAQ's about our exclusive soap:


You Put Wine Or Beer In Soap?  Why?  Will I Smell Like A Brewery?

Yes, we add wine or beer to our soap formula.  The antioxidants in wine and the hops in beer make for an even more decadent and skin-loving bar of soap.  Through the soapmaking process the original scent of the wine and/or beer is cooked out so we add a fragrance back to the finished product.  Nope, you definitely won't smell like a brewery!


What Will My Soap's Name Be?

We will name the soap the same/similar {your choice} as the beer or wine variety that is used in it.  This way, it's your product and goes with your product line. 


Who Else Will Be Able To Sell The Soap Made With My Wine/Beer?

No one.  This will be made exclusively for you.  Customers can only get your wine/beer soap through you or your store.  Your company's name and information will be listed on our "stockist" page as carrying our products.


How Long Will It Take To Get My Soap?

Since this soap will be made with your beer/wine, once we've received that we'll get right to work making your exclusive soap.  From there it takes 3-4 weeks to cure then it's packaged and shipped out to you.


Sounds Great!  What Do I Do Next?

Contact us through the Wholesale contact form and let us know you are interested in the winery/brewery exclusive soap products.  We will get started in setting you up with a wholesale account including how much beer/wine each order will require, minimum orders, re-order information and how to get started.


These make great gift-giving or souvenir ideas or even favors to include in wine/beer-tasting packages!