Buy 5, Get 1, Give 1

When you purchase 5 bars of our luxurious Handmade Soap, you are not only gifting your skin with gentle nourishment; you are also giving a gift to another person in need. For every 5 bars of soap purchased, you get 1 free bar and we donate a bar to a local Veteran's charity.

Why A Veteran's Charity?

First, there are a lot of U.S. Veteran's who are struggling.  Struggling to find a job, keep a home, feed their family, and to adjust to civilian life.  My husband is a Veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.  He retired after 20 years of service.  We know, first hand, how difficult it can be to adjust to civilian life after wartime experience as well as having spent a good portion of your life serving your Country.  

Second, to thank those who have given so much.  It's a way for you and for us to tell these men and women, and their spouses and children, who are experiencing some difficulty that someone cares. 

Each wrapped bar gifted will be stamped with a "thank you for your service - we are grateful for you".

Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary is a small part of the larger community and we want to support and uplift those in need. We believe that how we choose to spend our dollars makes a statement about what’s important to us. 

Your purchase of our Buy 5, Get 1, Give 1 = Beautiful Soap for Amazing People.

How it Works?

- Purchase soap from our Buy 5, Give 1, Get 1 tab and you are automatically participating in our Bar for a Vet Program.  It’s that simple!

- Buy 5, Give 1, Get 1 donations are made every 2 months.

- We will keep a tally on this page of how much soap has been donated, including details of the specific charities who are the recipients.

How Can You Help?

Spread the word to your friends and family about our company and our Buy 5, Get 1, Give 1 program. Share us on your social media sites!



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