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What - Not All Cats Act Like A Shark?

November 11, 2013

I realized the other day I haven't shared tales of the critters in my life lately.  My animals are crazy.  Crazy in a fun and odd way.  Most of you know this from reading the blog.  Our house is like a zoo some days because they all have big personalities and wacky traits.  I will, however, stay in denial that this fact may say something about the "parents" of the crew.......

Today I thought I'd share a few of their wacky traits.

No surprise that first up is Jack.......

Jackson is a stray cat who we suspect is part Maine Coon, part Raccoon.  Of course I'm joking about the raccoon part......  Jack prefers to think he's part Maine Coone/part French Bulldog {like his brothers}.  Jackson is a well known money thief but he has developed a few other odd behaviors.
  • I've written previously about Jack's biting in bed.  He opens his mouth, sets it on whatever body part is out of the covers, and dares you to move.  If you do, he clamps down sending your sleeping self into a painful scream.  Now, because apparently sleep-time wasn't enough fun, he lounges around the house, opening and closing his mouth slowly.  Insert the Jaws theme......  If any of your body parts happen to come close to him when he's doing this crazy nonsense, he quickly clamps down.  He got me yesterday.  He was doing his Shark Mouth while laying on the back of J's chair and I wasn't paying much attention.  I walked behind the chair to close the curtains and then it happened - he clenched down on what he could grab which was my elbow.  I screamed "OUCH!" which seemed to make him happy - I swear I saw him smile!  He let go and went to sleep.
  • Jack obsessively rearranges our shoes in our closet.  Mostly mine, only because J's boots are too heavy, but they are moved around at least 3 times a week.
  • He, like Oliver, loves texture.  Throw blankets made from fleece or knitted blankets are a huge love of his.  Jack and Oliver constantly fight over them because although Jack would probably share with Oliver, Oliver doesn't trust Jack.  Would you trust a cat who acts like a shark???

Emerson is a loving, easy-going, food-obsessed French Bulldog.  He seems to long for strange things.  Well, strange for a dog.  Some of the things he seems to really, REALLY want are:
  • Lip Balm - if you apply lip balm, it's an unwritten rule that he MUST be allowed to smell your lips.  Then he obsessively licks his own lips as if he's wishing the balm will magically appear.
  • Coffee - no one can drink a cup of hot coffee in our house without his nose being in it first.  I don't think he realizes we make iced coffee, which is good, so it's just when it's hot.
  • Flossy sticks.  He doesn't care as much about toothpicks, but those plastic sticks with floss attached are something he desperately tries to get.  If you use one, he sits right in front of you drooling the entire time.  I have no idea what he thinks they are.

    Oliver is an extremely sensitive, high-energy, very nosy, French Bulldog.  He remembers everything and is leery of a lot.  He's determined you won't get one past him!
    • Oliver grinds his teeth when he's falling asleep.  Not always, just sometimes.  I know this is more medical than behavioral, but it's odd to have a dog next to you at night, grinding his teeth.  I keep waiting for his favorite Doctor to tell me we need to have a mouth guard made for him.
    • Oliver won't allow anyone to touch his "bunnies" {his buns}.  Ever since his surgery a year ago {which wasn't on his bunnies} he has been very protective of them.  I can touch them if he knows I'm going to touch them, but don't surprise him!  His scream is piercingly loud.
    • He has recently {within the past 6 month} learned the pleasures of lifting your leg to pee.  He now lifts his leg as high up as he can, proud as can be, even with nothing in the vicinity to pee on.  Maybe next year he'll understand when it is you should lift your leg.
    • Oliver slides on his bunnies across the floor for 3 reasons:  either he's super excited, he's extremely happy, or he needs to go out and do his #2.  It's always up to me to figure it out.

    Cait is the most calm, "normal" of the group although it didn't start out that way.  When she was a kitten she was a complete ball of fire {read as maniac} - into anything and everything.  Now, she just sits back and watches the shows put on by the others.  Other than that she crooks her tail when she's feeling feisty, she doesn't seem to have any odd behaviors.

    What crazy traits do your animals have?

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