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What A Week.....

June 23, 2011

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just keeps going, and going, and going......?
This is one of those for me.
I didn't post a "weekend" post, so I figured I would write a weekend-style post mid-week.

Jackson is doing great.
He is the perfect personality to fit in with this crazy family.
He is laid back and loves attention from his brothers and sister as well as being held by his mama and papa.
His little paws knead constantly.
When you're carrying him in your arm, laying on his back, his paw hangs over the side and kneads.
Looks like he's doing the side stroke.
I would call him our little Michael Phelps, but he doesn't partake in any illegal activity.
So he's just Jackson doing the side stroke.

The theme for this week is rain.
Monday and Tuesday were beautiful.
Wednesday thru Friday = rain.
Rain and humidity.
My chickens are miserable but my garden is loving it.

Speaking of Monday and Tuesday, my aunt flew in from Washington State on Monday.
Tuesday I took her and my mom to Vermont.
It was a beautiful day.
We walked, shopped and drove around to see the sights.

Mama Claire, Little Lizzie and Renee are all still broody.
2 months this has lasted.
What a pain.
Renee has quite the attitude.
When we make her get out of the nesting box she fluffs out her feathers {including tail} like a turkey.
She hisses at the others and pecks at them.
She came at me twice like a rooster.
I told her "puh-lease!"
Then I reminded her that I got rid of the handsome Mr. Clyde when he started coping that attitude, so I could get rid of her too.
She's stopped doing it.
I'm sure she stopped because it didn't work, not because of my threat, but I like to believe she understood me.

Tonight I'm making Chocolate Zucchini Cake {recipe here}.
So yummy!
My zucchini plants haven't even flowered yet, but they had zucchini at the farmer's market so I picked up a few.
I need a greenhouse.
......and cold frames.
......and a fence around my garden.
My husband says "dream on sister!" 
He reminds me there's only so much time in a day.
Ugh.  Darn him for being a realist!

My garden is looking great.
Potato plants are waist high, cukes are flowering, pea vines have peas, tomato plants have tomatoes, and watermelon plants are flowering.
I love that.
All that hard work will be paying off shortly.

How about you, how is your week going?

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