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Weekend - Garden photos, bugs and critters

July 31, 2011

Another hot weekend, although not nearly as awful as weekends past.
The humidity showed up again today.  It just can't take a hint that we don't want it anymore.

Last week Jay found a HUGE egg in the coop.  It's in the photo above on the far left.
We don't know who laid it, but it had to have hurt.
The egg in the center is Daisy's XL egg.
Saturday morning Jay found the tiniest little egg in the outdoor coop.
It's the egg on the far right.  Barely bigger than my thumb nail.
I bet the chicken who laid it didn't even realize it.

Speaking of the girls, they had a great weekend of foraging for bugs, grasses, weeds and all good things chickens love.
Oliver is doing better by the day.  His lumps continue to decrease in size.
Jackson was in quite a bit of trouble this weekend.  He seems to enjoy that.
You can imagine how thrilled I was to find he discovered where I was storing the bag of cat food that didn't fit in the container.
He must have spent an hour or two at it, but he managed to claw the bag open and spill it all over the closet it was stored in.
Old hardwood floors with gaps between that perfectly fit cat food nuggets.
Thanks Jackson!
He was pretty proud of himself, I must say.
I keep telling myself we WILL make it to year #2.

My garden is doing pretty good.
It's now officially infested with striped cucumber beetles, squash bugs, moles and a woodchuck.
The cucumber beetles I can deal with but those squash bugs are sneaky and they work quick.
They've already destroyed 3 winter squash plants.
The moles are enjoying watermelon plant roots.
The woodchuck has just discovered the grocery store in my back yard.  He's been digging his paws into whatever he can grab.
I sprinkled "Critter Ridder" around the perimeter of the garden to try and keep the woodchuck away and am spraying insecticidal soap on the squash and cuke leaves.

My refrigerator is overflowing with green beans, cukes and squash.
I've been packing the beans for freezing as well as making freezer pickles.
I tried a new recipe that uses honey.  I'm hoping it's tasty!

How about you, how was your weeked?

Baby corn on the left and eggplant on the right

Field of melon - watermelon, cantaloupe, muskmelon and honeydew

Gigantic summer squash


Winter squash

Clockwise from upper left:  Re-plant of beets for Fall harvest, cabbage, cukes, and cherry tomatoes.

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