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June 01, 2014


Hattie, Allie and Emma enjoying cabbage


Emerson and Oliver
It was a busy weekend for us, trying to get caught up on some of the things we've wanted to accomplish.  We were able to get the house power washed, the grill changed over to new parts {more on that this week}, the chicken coop completely cleaned {with a LOT of chicken supervision}, the lawn mowed, more veggies planted and some weeding completed.

On Friday I decided to give the chickens a half a cabbage I had in the refrigerator.  In the past, they've never been too thrilled about cabbage, but they peck at it.  This time was different.  I discovered the secret to their cabbage enjoyment.  There it sat, getting pecked here and there but no one really eating it.  Then it rained.  Actually, a total downpour.  And guess what?  Once the cabbage was full of water they were fighting over it!  It was gone within 15-20 minutes.  Who would've known the solution was so simple?

Speaking of the Coop Girls, we cleaned out their coop on Saturday.  A full Spring cleaning.  We'd meant to do it mid-May but that didn't happen.  We waited until later in the day, when most had laid eggs, then booted them out of the coop while we removed all the litter, scraped the floor, washed the windows and heaters, and replaced the litter and straw.  About halfway through Sam started hollering.  She needed to lay an egg and only the nesting boxes would do.  Poor girl.  We hurried through, trying to put it all back together.  She came racing in, went right into a box, lay an egg, then back outside to enjoy the day.

This morning I was out with the dogs and Hattie {chicken} was in the Coop window.  As soon as she saw me she started chattering.  I imagined she was saying "she's up!  She's up!  She's up!" as the others lined up waiting for me to open the door.  It's the best morning greeting ever!  We keep them in lock-down overnight to keep them safe from the wild critters so they have to wait for us in the morning to come out.  The sun was shining bright at 6:45 this morning so they decided it was time to get up.

When the weather is in the 70's or low 80's, the dogs love to lay out on the back deck.  Saturday and today they were out a good portion of the day.  Jack does not get to go outside - he's an indoor cat.  I'm not sure why he can't figure that out.  He is convinced he's allowed on the deck and tries desperately to open the screen door {we keep it locked, whether we are in or out because Cait does know how to open it}.  I mean after all, he's part French Bulldog {in his mind} so why shouldn't he be out with his brothers????  At one point he was hanging from the screen by his claws trying to get out.  We've had him out before but he had a dog harness on and was not at all thrilled and every bit of noise scared him.

Because some of my seeds didn't sprout I re-planted a few things in the garden.  I also decided on 2 more trees needing to come down.  They are shading the back half of the garden.  We added that to J's honey-do list for Fall.  I cut down half of my cilantro forest.  Not really a forest, but it was feeling like it.  Last Fall I let cilantro go to seed.  I saved some and shook some in one of the garden beds.  This Spring, the cilantro as well as some carrots and scallions I let over-winter all came back and are grown and ready.  I'm leaving about half the cilantro to continue to take cuttings from and pulled the rest of it to make Cilantro Pesto to freeze as well as so we can make Chimichurri this week for our steak.  It smells so amazing!

My peonies are looking a bit sad this year.  I'm wondering if the super cold winter did it.  I have 6 of them and they are all much smaller then they've ever been in years past.  They all have blooms but they are just tiny little things.

Tonight we're setting up the rotisserie on the grill and making a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  I'm going to add hickory chips too so it will get a bit of a smoky flavor too.  Delicious!!

Speaking of food, on the menu this week:  BBQ Rotisserie Chicken with rice and asparagus; Pulled Pork Sandwiches {cooked on the grill} with homefries and salad; Shrimp, Sausage and Rice Skillet dinner with peas; Steak with Cilantro Chimichurri with potato wedges and asparagus; Pan Seared Halibut with New Orleans Rub and rice and broccoli; Burgers on the grill with Mac & Cheese and salad.

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend!

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