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July 10, 2011

I can't believe the weekend is over.
We had BEAUTIFUL weather.
Humidity is on it's way for tomorrow.

My photo collage, I realized, is almost all food.
Hmmm.....not sure why.
That seems to be what I photographed this weekend.

Let's start with the not so good.
Oliver is not feeling well.
My little man has a little hard nodule on his back hip.
It causes him some discomfort.
Hoping to get him in to see Dr. Lori tomorrow.

The chicken's garden is coming along s-l-o-w-l-y.
They are getting VERY impatient.
They are supposed to be getting dandy greens, marigolds, nasturtiums and other lettuce from their garden.
Hasn't happened yet.

I made "Eclair Cake" on Friday.
Have you made this?
It's not actually eclairs, but pudding layered with graham crackers and chocolate on top {photo above}.
I have to say it was ok.
My husband can't get enough of it.
The recipe I followed was homemade pudding, graham crackers, and melted chocolate chips.
The pudding was great.
I pulled off my graham crackers.

Speaking of my husband, he is also slightly obsessed with breakfast burritos.
Do you make these?
Again, I'm not so much a fan, but he tells me I make a heck of a breakfast burrito.
Whatever makes him happy.
Especially since he hung my garden shed shelves today.
Now it's time to organize it.

Although I'm not getting many ripe tomatoes, my farmer's market has lots of them and they are heaven.
Tomatoes and basil.....tomatoes and cilantro.....tomatoes and pesto on puff pastry.....greek salad with tomatoes.....homemade it all.

Hoping you had a nice weekend as well!

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