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June 24, 2012

The weekend feels like a blur.  As seems to happen more often than not lately, I had hoped to get so much more accomplished than I have.

Luckily, we've lost the humidity, at least for this week.  Last week was so hot and humid it was just uncomfortable.  Saturday was wonderful - temp.'s in the 70's and humidity gone.  Today it's a little warm but I'll take it.

Well, my garden is barely hanging on.  Thanks to those darn woodchucks and rabbits my kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and beets are just about wiped out.  He/She/They are working on my carrots now.  We have 4 of those destructive little ground hogs living on or around our property and at least 2 rabbits.  Jay realized on Saturday that one has made quite a comfortable home underneath my garden shed.  Convenient, right?  He walks right out of his home to a nice, luscious vegetable garden.  Well, at least it used to be nice and luscious.

We have decided to fence the garden in.  I think in the Fall we'll be tackling this project.  We'd left it open so we could continue to expand it as needed.  Looks like I'll have to make a final decision and just do it.  It won't save things from the chipmunks, birds or squirrels but at least I won't have the bunnies and woodchucks in it.

I'm cooking from the Bread Bible again tonight.  I'll be trying a Raspberry Braid.  So far all the recipes have worked out very well so I have high hopes.

Mama Claire and babies are doing very well.  The babies continue to get bigger and bigger by the day.  They so desperately want to be let out with the other girls, but not quite yet.  They are still too small and I would worry the girls would still be able to kill them.  I tell Claire she'll just have to trust my judgement.

When Claire hatched Sam and Renee, she used to go out on her own, for Mama's time out, while I watched the babies.  With the 7 she's got now she's a nervous wreck to leave them.  I've tried giving her a break a few times but she paces and cries so I haven't tried it again.  Maybe she thinks they're just too much of a handful for me.  She's a very good Mama.

Oliver has 2 toad friends who visit us almost nightly.  He gets so excited to see them but he's too much of a chicken to go up to them.  He keeps his distance, bends over and just watches.  Our property is surrounded on 3 sides by a stone wall and they've likely taken shelter in that.

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend!

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