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October 01, 2012

This weekend's theme was rain and pain.

Rain - it has rained from Friday through Sunday, on and off.  No complaints from me, just stating a fact.  Unfortunately, however, we were rained out of visiting the Farmer's Museum on Friday, so we'll have to add that to our list of places to visit at a later date.

Pain - Oliver was rushed to the animal hospital Saturday morning because of excessive vomiting and severe stomach cramping.  X-rays show slight inflammation of the intestines/thickened intestinal wall but, thankfully, nothing lodged.  Blood tests do not show pancreatitis, which we were all surprised by.

The poor guy had to stay at the hospital Saturday night so they could keep fluids in him as well as a dose of pain medication.  Emerson was a wreck.  When it was dinner time he waited for Oliver's bowl to be put next to his.  It wasn't.  When we would go outside, he'd look back to make sure Oliver was coming.  He wasn't.  When we were outside, he'd look around for Oliver.  He wasn't there.  If he heard a noise coming from the entry room, he'd rush in, hoping his brother was coming home.  He wasn't.

Jackson, no big surprise, took this opportunity to try and convince us all he was the perfect Oliver replacement.  When Emerson lay down to take a nap, Jack lay right next to him where Oliver would sleep.  Emerson gave him quite the look.  In the evening Oliver always lays on my lap so Jack figured, why not.  On my lap he went.  Jack, however, doesn't have the ability to sit still and has to constantly fidget.  He chewed at my fingers, played with my pen, tapped me on the arm.....on and on.  I assured him he was no replacement just like no one could ever replace him.  Ever.

Oliver came home on Sunday, much to the dismay of the doctor at the emergency vet, but he was so stressed out I couldn't take it.  He's home, exhausted, and happy his stay away is over.  He has requested no more "vacations" that don't include his whole family.  I have agreed since his weekend "vacation" cost me more than a mortgage payment on our house.  Don't even get me started on my thoughts about emergency vet's.  I understand that they are a fantastic place when your veterinary clinic isn't open, but without any competition they can charge what they want and you're stuck.

He is still a very sick little boy - although he looks much better he is still struggling with lack of desire to drink  any liquids {he will eat though} and regurgitation when he gets up which means he loses any water or food I have finally convinced him to eat/drink.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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