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March 03, 2013

Emerson and his love of coffee 

Emerson and Oliver supervising the shoveling of snow

the coop girls are not fans of the snow

guess who strikes again.....

my boy Jack with his innocent look after tipping over the entire alphabet of stamps

crispy risotto cakes.....recipe coming this week
the home show

making chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cranberries

Oliver - being nosy as usual

I had a relaxing weekend which I enjoyed every minute of.  I say "I" because Jay, unfortunately, had to work.  It's the time of year for Home & Garden shows so he represented his company at the local show for a good part of the weekend.  He enjoys it and I enjoy my quiet time.

The weather was kind with just enough snow fall to remind us it's still winter making hot coffee a must-have each morning.  Emerson absolutely loves the smell of coffee and can't wait until the cup makes it's way to the end table so he can hop up in the chair to take a whiff.  One whiff is never enough so he hovers over the cup to take it all in.  It's very cute.  Maybe in another life he was a barista.  He would absolutely love an opportunity to taste it but I've assured him it tastes nothing like it smells, it's an acquired taste, so inhaling the scent is the most he'll ever get.  Poor guy.

I was in trouble Saturday morning because I didn't present the coop girls with the Saturday morning breakfast they usually get.  Since Jay left early I didn't make a hot breakfast so, in turn, they didn't get the excess.  They went on and on about their disappointment of cold greens so much that I made them a lovely batch of warm rice and milk Sunday morning.  Spoiled?  Yes, but why not?  Jay and I went to breakfast at a coffee shop in Saratoga Springs called Uncommon Grounds.  Really good bagels AND really good coffee.  From there I joined him at the Home show so I could look at the samples of counter top.  Still considering but we haven't yet agreed on a kitchen color so no decisions were made today.

Jack is up to his old tricks and clearing off my rubber stamp shelves.  This morning on our way out the door we heard a strange noise which turned out to be him in the center of a full alphabet of stamps.  He was so excited he ran a victory lap around the dining room table and then up the stairs.  We both shook our heads and headed out.

I can tell Spring is on it's way as I'm getting anxious to dive into a little spring cleaning of both the house and the coop.  Don't you love thoroughly cleaning everything and letting that fresh air push out the stale winter air?

Jackson just fell off the back of the living room chair.......pretty typical for a clumsy guy like him.  I am enjoying the smell of homemade Oatmeal Sandwich Bread baking in the oven.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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