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March 10, 2013

The coop girls are happy that the snow is finally melting

a whole lot of mud....

Emma enjoying life outside the fence


Oliver enjoying the sunshine

Jack - not happy about being clean

Oliver and Emerson have Jack surrounded

This weekend's theme seems to be Mud and Sunshine.  
We were blessed with a lot of both.

The photos below show what I woke up to Friday morning.......snow.  You can see from the photos above, however, that it didn't last long.

By Friday afternoon the snow that had fallen all night was melting and it the day turned out to be absolutely beautiful as did the weekend.

To celebrate the wonderful weather {upper 40's} all boys received a bath.  Although Emerson and Oliver were ok with it {after all, bath = nana cookie!}, my boy Jackson was less than impressed.  As I've written about before, he's quite smitten with his litter box and typically smells like it.  As if to make sure I understood it is not within my power to change him, within a half hour of getting clean he smelled like the litter box again.  He pranced his smelliness in front of me, proud as can be.

Speaking of Jack, last week we had a woman come out from a company dealing with water filtration.  We have well water that is quite rusty and are looking for a better filtration system.  As can be expected, Jackson came racing down the stairs when he heard a guest in his home.  He, of course, assumed she was here to see him.  He made himself at home in the stool right next to her and basked in the attention.  She told him what a handsome boy he is and he responded with a "thank you, I know" look.    Cait made her entrance and the very nice woman told her what a beautiful girl she was too.  They all put on quite the show and it didn't take her long to laugh in awe at the large personalities of all the Cobble Hill critters.

While she was testing our water she asked Jay if she could have a few of his business cards in case she came across anyone interested in remodeling.  She'd seen his work and thought highly of it, which was very kind of her to say.  Jay put a few business cards on her bag which was on the counter.  Any of you familiar with Jackson stories know what happened next.  A few minutes later I went to check on the dogs and cats and found Jackson walking off with his newly stolen treasures.  Jay's business cards.  He was not at all phased at being caught in the act and continued on as if nothing had happened.  Apparently, anything small enough for him to pick up is fair game.

I've decided that making soap is my next venture.  Because I'm a little nervous about working with lye, I've procrastinated for quite some time.  I just have to pull up my big girl panties and do it.  I'm going to order the products next week and try to get to it by the end of the month.  If any of you have experience with making soap I'd be happy to hear any advice you'd care to pass along.

There are 18 girls at Cobble Hill who are very happy that the temp's have risen and the sun has made it's way out.....the coop girls.  The increased happiness has in turn increased egg production.  Speaking of the girls, we are undecided on what to do with the newest girls.  They are quite mean to the others and have completely stripped the feathers off of Little Lizzies head, neck and back.  One day we found one of them standing on her, pinning her to the ground, while the others pecked and pecked.  We've since learned Red Sex Link chickens can be aggressive......should have looked that up prior to bringing them here.

It's pizza, salad and wings for dinner tonight!  Back to the "grind" tomorrow.....

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend.

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