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June 30, 2013

gifts from the Coop Girls

the outdoor coop extension is slowly progressing

Little Lizzie

Here we are at Sunday already again.  As you can see from the photos above, my garden is doing well despite the ongoing wet days, heat and humidity.  So far, next weekend appears to be the only day without a chance of rain so, fingers crossed, it will be sunny.

I wanted to get some canning done this weekend but decided against heating up the house.  I purchased kiwi fruit last week for Jay's lunch and he said they aren't that sweet so I want to make them into jam with pineapple juice and lime juice.  I also want to try nectarine-lime jam.  Maybe in the early morning this week.  We're thinking about purchasing an outdoor burner that I will be able to can on.  This way, I can work with heat in the heat and keep the kitchen cool.

The coop girls are anxiously awaiting their outdoor coop extension.  Jay needs to build a door and then it's all set.  We're letting the grass and weeds continue to grow in it to provide the ladies a full day of glorious digging, scratching and eating. It won't have a roof as the other does, which means it won't be used much when it snows, and we'll add a netting through the center to prevent hawks from taking off with the smaller girls.  Although we miss our jumbo eggs provided by the 5 mean girls, we still get such a lovely array of egg colors {and none are purposely broken or eaten!}.

Emerson is onto a new thing....I'm hoping not a new habit.  He refuses to do his #2.  Poop has always been an issue with him, since the day we brought him home, he has never been too terribly happy about going poop {although he was at one time quite happy about eating it.....that nasty habit has since been broken}.  Oliver will go willingly, no questions asked.  Emerson, on the other hand, if you don't get him to go and he needs to go, well, you'll likely have a mess in the house.  So now I know he goes twice a day and I walk him until he goes.  That is, until last week.  For some reason he now has decided he'll live in full denial.  When it's trying to come out, he works on sucking it back in.  No idea how this can happen but this is what he does.  He holds onto that thing until it absolutely must come out.

Initially I decided, against better judgement, to wait it out, trying to make him go.  Trying to make a bulldog do anything is really just a waste of energy and time.  The more I wanted him to go the more he decided he wouldn't let it come out.  So, I decided on the opposite approach.  To just say "it's ok if you don't have to go", gritting my teeth the entire time.  I just make him go out more often and for some reason this is working.

I spotted a wild baby bunny in our backyard yesterday.  Ugh.  It was just adorable.....I'm hoping {not realistically} it won't find my garden.  It was hanging out around the coop girls until we pulled in the driveway.  Then hip hoppity it went, over the stone wall.  There's an entire range of wildlife over our stone wall - bunnies, woodchucks and fox that we are aware of.  Who knows what else will show up.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!

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