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March 02, 2014

the mailbox - story below

Little Lizzie

Betty, Wilma and Hattie

Jackson, my helper

Emerson and Oliver

It's March!  Hard to believe it's here already but yes indeed it is.  Squirrels are frolicking, birds are singing {well, almost}, sun is out, and Irish soda bread is on the menu in a couple of weeks.

J and I had a "date" on Friday.  We went and watched Monument's Men at a new cinema in town.  The only other movie we watched there was American Hustle.  Both very good movies.  It's a beautiful theater so we hope to try and go monthly.  Of course popcorn was a must and we ate too much.  There was a woman with a group of five 13 or 14 year old girls ahead of us.  They were going to see Philomena.  The woman, texting as she walked, said to the girls before they went in the theater "now everyone has their phones, right?"  Maybe it's just me but I don't see the point.  You're watching a movie.....

We were at a feed store the other day and heard the first sign of spring.  Well, the first sign of spring to us.  The peeping of tiny little chicks.  Those cute little puffballs with the high-pitched peep are reminders that winter is going to wind down in a month or two.

Last Sunday I mentioned on Facebook that our mailbox got hit.  Well, demolished {photo above}.  Sunday night I was in the kitchen watching television and working on something and J was in the living room.  We both heard a bang and felt it.  J couldn't figure out what it was.  He turned the outside light on and realized the mailbox was missing.  Gone.  He went to the end of the driveway with a flashlight to see the piece of post that had been buried including the steel post piece to support it laying on the ground.  The mailbox and remaining post was nowhere to be found.  Our mail that we had forgotten to get was littered all over the side of the road and parts from the car that hit it including the entire headlight, wheel well, etc. were everywhere.  The person was nowhere to be found. 

Long story short we have no idea who it was and whether or not they are ok.  We have no idea if they fell asleep, were texting, or if it was alcohol or drugs.  We've lost just the mailbox to snowplows, typically a couple of year, but never the entire post.  We ended up finding the post and box over in the neighbors yard, half buried in snow.  J put a temporary one up until the ground thaws so he can put another post in.

It's been lazy days, for the most part, around here for the critters of Cobble Hill.  Oliver and Emerson are still stationed in front of the fire while Jack terrorizes the house and naps heavily between rounds.  Cait has been taking on Oliver when he gets a crazy thought of tackling her.  She has learned to hold her own.  And the Coop Girls are enjoying the milder temps of the weekend.

I've updated our "about" page to include FAQ's.  So if you're looking for info on our chicken coop, blogging, or anything else, you may find the answer there.

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!!

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