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March 16, 2014



Chicken Chili and Homemade Bread

Baked Mac and Cheese

Pot Roast



ice looking just like jewelry

Despite us having one day this past week of true bliss where you could swear Spring was about to arrive, we received the harsh reminder that winter is still here.  A snowstorm was on the way the next day.  We were fortunate to have escaped most of it.  Initially we were expected to get 5-10 inches of snow, then it changed to 10-18 inches and in reality we received a couple of inches of snow and ice.  Usually when we receive ice we lose power but this time, thankfully, we did not and we were sooooooo grateful.

Regardless of the cold weather, egg production is getting back to full swing thanks to the sun.  It's so nice to have that wonderful brightness all day and into early evening.  It certainly lifts the spirits of people AND chickens.

J managed breakfast duty this weekend.  He's really getting it down well.  I told him that should be his meal.  He could be a breakfast chef.  Unfortunately, he wasn't convinced.

Speaking of J, I've written before that my husband and I do everything together and have a very good relationship, however, I have just asked him to please stop sharing everything.  Namely, his germs.  I was sick about a month ago because he shared his yucky germs and here I am again, sick, at the tail end of his sick week.  If only I could pick and choose which symptoms I get/don't get -  I could do without the jabbing headache that comes with it.  Fingers crossed this will pass.  Soon.

So, because I haven't felt good since Wednesday, it was a pretty low-key weekend.  So much for the weekend to-do list.

In business news, my very talented sister-in-law brought us 2 boxes of handmade washcloths and soap savers to put in the Etsy store.  They compliment our products so well and are beautiful!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend!

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