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Voluntary Simplicity Step 6: Doing It Ourselves When We Can

August 30, 2011

This step in the process is still a struggle for us.  We both work outside of our home 40+ hours a week, making it difficult to find time for homemade cooking, blogging, cleaning, caring for the animals and garden, spending time with each other AND doing things around the home.  Additionally, Jay works all week on other people's home improvement projects so he's a little burned out by the weekend.

For the most part, however, we complete the projects ourselves.  We do at times hire a friend or two to help out with things we either just want to get checked off our list or things that are moving a little too slow.

This topic is not only about working around the house, but also includes things like growing our own food and making items from scratch instead of purchasing the final product.  This year we've had the largest garden to date providing us with almost all our veggies during the growing season as well as items for canning and freezing.  I've also begun devoting the first weekend of the month to making homemade things that can be frozen for consumption throughout the remainder of the month.  Pie crust, pizza dough, some cakes, soups, unbaked cookies, muffins and scones, and a few main dishes I've had success with.  Also, shortcuts such as cutting meat and packaging it in a marinade before freezing.  This cuts out a step when I take it out for defrosting on a busy weekday.

I think it really comes down to consciously thinking about everything before you purchase it or hire someone to do it.  Is this something I need?  Can I make do with something I've got?  Can I do it myself?  Is it the best solution?

What about you, what things have you had success in doing yourself when you can?

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