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Tuesday's "Three"

April 24, 2012

Today's items are all about "link love". 

Three Things I Want To Try:
  1. This scrumptious sounding Donut Cake recipe.
  2. The Lemon and Raspberry Loaf recipe found here.
  3. Have you ever considered making a Douglas Fir simple syrup?  Me neither, but the recipe here is almost irresistible!
Three Things I Dream Of Making:
  1. The blanket seen here.
  2. A bracelet such as this.  I've been longing to try metal clay....maybe this is the inspiration I need!
  3. Kitchen pantry jar labels like these.
Three Blogs I'm Enjoying:
  1. The photography at this site.
  2. Tom's blog here.  You must see the "How Not To Make Ketchup" post.  Hilarious.
  3. This blog is a fun read and you will love her chicken coop.
Happy Tuesday all!

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