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Tuesday's "Three"

February 26, 2013

First, before we begin the "three" post can I just say....I make candles!  Whoo hoo!  For those of you who have made them before you know how truly easy they are but still, I'm excited that I have something new under my belt so I'll say it again.....I MAKE CANDLES.  {slightly excited, sorry}

To celebrate I will be hosting a Cobble Hill Farm candle giveaway soon {and they won't smell like the chicken coop - promise}.

......on to today's "three".....

3 Posts I'll Be Putting On The Blog This Week:
  1. Eggs 101 {Caring For and Storing}
  2. Making Soy Candles {see ridiculous rant above}
  3. Making Cloth Baggies a.k.a. I finally SEW!!!  {just as exciting as candle making in my book}
**on the cooking blog will be Moose Munch, oven-baked Risotto and Slow-Cooker Chicken Wings**

3 Things I'm Working On This Week:
  1. Still working on my jewelry designs.....loving them!
  2. Reading Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life"
  3. Babying Oliver.....he started his shots yesterday for arthritis prevention and let's just say he handled it as dramatic as possible once he saw the needle.  {p.s. Sarah - you may want to bring earplugs with you on Thursday}
3 Things I'm Lovin' On The Web This Week:
  1. Scroll about halfway down the page to find the sweetest Spring mini hanging vases from baby food jars.  Too cute!
  2. I think homemade garden stones are adorable anyway, but these I would make just to scatter throughout my flower gardens so they could be discovered while meandering through.
  3. I love the look of Polaroids so these coasters are perfect.

Happy Tuesday!

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