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Tuesday's "Three"

June 18, 2013

3 Things I'm Not Fond Of:
  1. blogger spam.......I'm averaging 50+ spam comments per day.  I opened my email Sunday, for the first time all weekend, to 189 spam comments.  This did not make for a happy me.
  2. chipmunks stealing my berries.  I have a brave little guy who has built himself a home under my garden shed.....conveniently enough right next to the strawberry & blueberry patch.  Although they're netted he spends his day trying to outwit me.
  3. my toaster.  It's not working properly.  I made scrumptious everything bagels and toasting them is quite the task.  Something's wrong with the temperature gauge as it assumes they are toasted after 25 seconds.  It seems toasting them properly is more difficult than actually making them!

3 Things I'm Loving {to counter-balance the negativity above}:
  1. the book "Make The Bread Buy The Butter" by Jennifer Reese.  I'm cooking/baking my way through it and she really has compiled a nice list of recipes.
  2. homemade strawberry jam.  Did I mention I love strawberries???  Oh, and that I also love jam??  I will say, I tried Pomona pectin for the first time over the weekend and am not loving that.  I liked that I could use less sugar.  I didn't like, however, that it sets the jam so thick it's like strawberry jell-o.  Strawberry jell-o on toast anyone?  I've got 7 jars......
  3. my new bedroom rugs.  I replaced the rugs that are on each side of the bed with soft and cozy rugs.  Emerson enjoys them too - he rubs his body and face all over them every night before bed.

3 Inspiring Ideas:
  1. This Lemon-Sugar scrub.  This one too!
  2. This garden entry - beautiful!
  3. Making wire baskets.....this gets some creative juices flowing!

Happy Tuesday!!

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