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Tuesday's "Three"

June 25, 2013

3 Things Making Me Happy:
  1. We are still picking asparagus from our garden.
  2. Jackson went to the vet for his annual exam and he didn't gain any weight.  Yippee!  {he weighs just over 13 pounds}
  3. My flowers are blooming.

3 Helpful Things:
  1. Did you know you can have a "do-over" when canning jam?  If it doesn't quite set, here's the instructions for re-canning.
  2. For all of you as addicted to canning as I seem to be, here's 50 canning recipes, categorized by main ingredient.
  3. Did you know if you take your bananas apart when bringing them home they will ripen slower than leaving them attached?  No idea if it works or not, but this is one of the many tips found {here}.

3 Things That Drive Me Crazy:
  1. Drivers who don't understand that the middle turn lane is the lane you get in if you want to turn.  No is there for you to use.
  2. When I buy a book or a magazine and the person ringing it up feels the need to start looking through it instead of ringing it up.  If you are reading this and you work at the Wilton Barnes & Noble then you know who you are.......
  3. People who throw their trash out their car window - my yard is proof that it happens way too often.  
Happy Tuesday!!

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