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'Tis The Season

November 29, 2009

It's time to prepare for Christmas and the coop can't be left out!

Although it doesn't have a chimney for the big guy in red to come down, maybe we'll leave the side door unlocked Christmas Eve so he can leave "goodies" for the good girls and boy. Lucy Lou suggested leaving Amish Oatmeal for Santa and his reindeer, so that's what we'll do. We've lined up the stockings, one for each of them, to be filled on Christmas Day.

Here's what each of them is asking for:

Allie - a coop filled with dandelion greens. She would like the wood chips removed and replaced with mounds and mounds of dandelion.

Sarah - to make the coop a "no chicken" zone when she's in the nesting box. Humans are ok, but chickens should be shown the door.

Lucy Lou - a crown, so the rest of the girls understand that she's the Queen of the Coop.

Clyde - alfalfa sprouts and better vision so he can see worms in time to get some.

Meggie - a whole days worth of worms.

Kessa - a bullhorn so she can make sure everyone is listening. Even though she's VERY loud, she doesn't think we are all hearing her.

Trudy - someone to open the outside door earlier on weekends. Sleeping in until 8a.m. is NOT acceptable!

Claire - for her best friend Little Renee to get better and join her back at the coop. Nights are cold without her.

Emma - Amish oatmeal every day.

Kathy - to get bigger. Being the smallest little girl she doesn't get the respect she deserves.

Little Lizzie - bugs and worms by the barrel.

Little Renee - to feel better and be able to join her sisters before the big guy visits. (And more Amish Oatmeal).
Here's what the cats and fish would like:

Caitlin - more time to sleep on her fleece "blankies", more attention (preferably more praise), and the window seats that she keeps getting promised.

Zachary - cases of canned food and med's. This is what his life revolves around, the poor little guy. Now that he's blind it's hard for him to play, so his highlight of the day are food and med's.

Petey (the fish) - to have one full week of no Caitlin standing on top of his tank peering in at him. Poor guy - it's amazing that he's lasted 3 years. He sure misses Cody - he was a much more calm cat.

If Santa Clause can't fit in the side door, maybe one of his "helpers" can leave gifts.......

"Santa Cait"

or "Santa Clyde"

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