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On Gratitude, Dreams & Goals

January 01, 2016

New Years........a day for dreamers, list-makers and goal setters.  A holiday this Virgo looks forward to every year for making lists and getting re-organized.

Of course, there is some reality to it as well.  I know not every goal is going to be achieved and not every accomplishment will be reached, and certainly not necessarily in the way I've outlined it to happen. But it gives me a chance to sit back, look at where we've been, look at where we'd like to be and work on the roadmap to get us there.

It's all about flexibility, isn't it?  Flexibility to move when obstacles are presented {which they almost always are}.

This past year has been a whirlwind of sorts and required a lot of flexibility.  We worked together amazingly and got through it.  I have a large amount of gratitude for the success of our business and for the success of our partnership {my husband and I}.  It's not always easy to work together and live together.  This is what our dreams and goals have centered around.  But two full-time jobs + one homestead = crazy busy.  So my biggest goal for 2016 is finding balance.  It may mean big changes, it may mean living with a bit of uncertainty and it may mean trusting the unknown, but what I do know is that I must find a better way of balancing it all out. 

So this is the first goal on the list.  Find balance.

It's been a year of growth and learning, both personally and professionally.  For this I am grateful.  It definitely feels as if we are moving on to another phase of our life, a phase we've been dreaming of.  A phase we've longed for and welcome with open arms.

Onto more goals!

On The Homestead:  Getting back to growing 70+ percent of our veggies and fruit for the year, preserving the bounty, cooking from scratch, finding time to spend together {not working}, increasing our flocks of chicken for both eggs and meat, and getting the driveway re-graded & paved and electricity run to the future building {falls in both business and homestead goals}.  And I REALLY want goats.  And sheep.  And bees.  And a larger farm.  So, that's going to be prayed about a lot this year.

**side note.  I've received emails and messages from many of you telling us that we have inspired you to go for your dream of a hobby farm or a farm life, regardless of your age.  I'm so excited we can serve as this sort of inspiration!  Let me share with you a couple I find inspiring.  You may have heard of the Goat Milk Caramels by Michael and Lylah of The Simple Farm in Arizona.  Well, they inspire me.  If they can start a small farm, CSA, AND business in their 50's then I can certainly do it in my 40's.  :)  **

For This Blog:  Last year I set goals for this blog and struggled to reach them.  I hadn't anticipated our busyness in the other aspects of our life.  So, my goals for the blog are very similar this year.  I would like to post more regularly on all aspects of our little homesteading life including video posts.  I have a lot of tutorials and recipes I would like to share and need to find the time to do so.

In The Business: Our business grew exponentially this year and I hope {fingers crossed} it will double in 2016.  If we double where we are at now, that will max us out on what we can do together {no employees}.  That's where I would like to be.

Many people we speak to question why we wouldn't try Shark Tank.  Our vision for our company is not to get that big.  I'm hoping that doesn't come across as though we aren't striving for success, because we are.  However, success to us is making a good living and loving what we do.  Neither of us, at this stage of the game, is interested in growing the company into something that requires investors, debt, employees, etc.  We want to be busy, we want to be challenged, we want to be successful and make money, we want our hands in the business everyday and we want to be able to speak with our customers and have relationships with them.  We want to grow the business at our own pace so we don't get so far removed from it that it's no longer enjoyable.  So no, you will not see us on that program at this time.  :)

I want to get a better plan together for advertising.  I tried a few avenues this year that didn't work so well and a few that worked amazingly.  Taking part in 2-3 farmer's markets next summer and more craft shows {you should see our calendar from Memorial Day onward - yikes!}, increasing online traffic through the slower parts of the year, taking an income from the business, and having more consistency to the availability of our products.

Save for a larger farm. 
That's the main goal be it business or personal.

And now onto gratitude.

Thank you. 

Thank you for taking time out of your precious day to check in with us, thank you for offering advice and support when you know we need it, and thank you for being a part of this little community.  It truly means the world to us.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, safe, and happy New Year!!

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