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My Little Man Jackson

August 15, 2011

Ok, so I couldn't resist sharing more tails tales of my little man Jackson.  He certainly enjoys being the household troublemaker and works very hard at maintaining the title.

Do you remember seeing on the National news a few months back the cat that would steal from neighbors and hoard his stolen treasures in his home?  This is Jackson.  The difference, however, is that Jackson is an indoor cat so the only people he can steal from are Jay and I.  He has a fondness for paper, namely money and receipts.  Jay discovered his downstairs stash under the couch and I discovered his upstairs stash in my shoes.  Although the receipts were doing him no good, he had stashed away enough cash to purchase himself 3 Starbucks Latte's.  I've taken to borrowing money from him.

Oliver barks at Jackson when Jackson is doing something naughty.  This is Oliver's way of enjoying someone other than himself getting in trouble.  For instance, when Jackson was tightrope walking on my curtain rod in the living room, Oliver barked to let us know and danced with glee when I made him get down.  Oliver also takes great pride in barking at Jackson when he's on the side table in the dining room, which he is not supposed to be on because it has photo frames on it and he always knocks them over.  He also enjoys barking when Jackson manages to dump drinks, food, or anything else on the floor.

Sunday was just an average day with Oliver barking in the back room of the house.  Jay and I both went to see what in the world Jackson was doing.  We entered the room to see him squatted in the pellet stove bucket, which still had ash in it from the last heating season.  Seems he thought his father did him a favor by leaving a litter box on the main floor.  After removing him from the bucket and washing the ashes off of him, we realized he's been using the bucket for some time as it was quite smelly.  The bucket was removed.  Later the same day Oliver began barking again in the same room.  Jackson had piddled on the floor where the bucket had been and was now trying to find something to cover his treasure with.  We have stacked boxes and baskets in the area hoping he'll forget about it.

Last night I took Oliver and Emerson out for their before bedtime pottie.  It was pouring down rain, so it was a quick trip.  {Oliver and Emerson WILL melt if left in the rain too long - this is what they believe}  We came running in the house and I closed and locked the door behind me.  I was just finishing up in the kitchen when I could hear Jackson crying.  Cait was sitting on the bench, ears back.  Oliver and I were looking around and we couldn't find him.  He continued to cry.  I suddenly panicked and opened the back door.  There he stood, soaking wet, crying up a storm.  Somehow he had managed to get out when we were coming in.  Boy are we lucky it was raining and he too would melt in the rain, so he stayed on the back deck!

He certainly keeps us on our toes, but I must say, some of the things he comes up with are so funny it's hard to keep from laughing.  Tonight he's recovering from his neuter.  He had a small reaction to the anesthesia....why should that be a surprise?  Seems all our animals are sensitive!

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