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Lotion Bar How-To + 2 Recipes

April 14, 2013

The idea of a lotion bar intrigued me.  Partly because I've read plenty of people stating it really does hydrate your skin and partly because, well, I just couldn't grasp the concept of having lotion as a bar.  Most recipes you find show the lotion poured into a soap mold, cupcake tin, ice cube tray, etc. but I chose to use tubes I found at Brambleberry because I wanted something to contain the actual bar in.  The following recipes can be poured into any of the above-mentioned containers.

Because these recipes do not include preservatives, make sure to use them within 2-4 months.  Refrigerate them to help increase shelf-life.

{if using a cupcake tin, ice cube tray, etc., you may find it easier to remove them if you freeze the completely cooled lotion bar for 20-30 minutes - they pop out much easier}

Lotion Bar Recipe 1
3 oz grated Beeswax
4 oz Sweet Almond Oil
4 oz Shea Butter {could use cocoa butter, which will make a harder bar, instead, or a combination of both}
A few drops Essential oil {Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint-Eucalyptus Blend or Jasmine is nice}, optional
10 {1 oz} push tubes or alternative lotion mold {see note above}
In a microwave-safe bowl or container, melt the beeswax on high in 45 second intervals, stirring after each, until about halfway melted.  {or follow double boiler method below} Stir in the sweet almond oil and Shea butter. Return the mixture to the microwave, melting at 25 second intervals on high and stirring after each, until fully melted.

Pour the mixture into the lotion bar tubes or mold.  Let sit 4 hours or overnight before using.

Lotion Bar Recipe 2
1/2 cup Coconut Oil {I found purchasing this at the grocery store or Trader Joe's is the least expensive way}
1/2 cup Shea Butter
2/3 cup grated Beeswax
A few drops of Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil, optional
9-10 {1 oz} Lotion Bar Push Tubes or Cupcake Tin or Ice Cube Tray {see note above}

{follow the microwave instructions above if desired} Add the beeswax to the top of a double boiler over simmering water.  Once the beeswax is halfway melted, add the coconut oil and melt completely before adding the shea butter.  Stir constantly until the butter is melted.  Remove from heat and add the fragrance oil if using.

Pour into the lotion bar tubes or mold.  Let sit 4 hours or overnight before using.

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