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Light Shades Of Green: 10 Tiny Changes You Can Make On Your Path To Green Living

April 09, 2014

Why "light shades of green"?  You hear it all the time "go green".  Product packaging often promises "green" which is supposed to mean buy it, this is good.  Many times this is true, however, as we often see things listed "organic", "natural" and "heart healthy" when it's not necessarily so, the term "green" can be misused as well.  People often associate going green with spending big bucks and inconvenient changes.  This series is about the small modifications, habit-changing if you will, that can lead to huge personal and planetary rewards.

10 Tiny Changes You Can Make
  1. re-purpose or recycle old clothing rather than tossing it
  2. use cloth napkins instead of paper {they take up very little space in the washing machine}
  3. bottle your own water - use a water filter on your kitchen sink and a stainless steel or glass bottle
  4. shorten your shower by 2 minutes
  5. turn off the lights when you leave a room
  6. use matches not plastic lighters
  7. invest in rechargeable batteries
  8. use a lunchbox, thermos and sealable containers for a packed lunch instead of a paper bag and plastic baggies {don't forget the cloth napkin!}
  9. use cold water in the faucet when brushing your teeth
  10. buy bulk instead of individually wrapped single-serving items

What tiny changes have you made?

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