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How To Get Put Into Time Out......A Jackson "How-To"

December 07, 2011

Another installment from Jackson's "how-to" guide.

So you'd like to find yourself in a little more trouble for the holidays?  You know, test the saying "Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice.....".

Here's another way to go about getting in trouble.

This will surely get you put in time out.

Wait until your sister is relaxing in front of the pellet stove, enjoying the Christmas tree {if you don't have a pellet stove or Christmas tree, just wait until she's relaxing - works the same}.  It works really well if your Mom is trying to photograph her and she's not cooperating.  This way, she isn't expecting what's next at all.

You have to move quick and do this all in one motion.

Jump up onto her chair and grab her from behind.

Ensure she doesn't move by putting your teeth into her neck.

As she starts to get away, grab at anything you can.....even if it's her behind.

Now hold on.

When she starts to turn on you make sure to fight back hard.

When your mom is yelling at you to stop, just pretend you can't hear her.

Ta da!

Time out for sure.

Now you want to look really innocent and pout {pulls at the old heartstrings}.

On Christmas day we'll see if Santa really does know if I'm naughty or nice.

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