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Goodbye Little Renee - My Sweet Girl

December 03, 2009

Today it happened. We had to have Little Renee euthanized. It was the right thing to do. It is always the hardest thing - deciding if you're keeping an animal alive in an effort to protect your heart from the intense pain of losing a loved one, or if they are truly ok. She wasn't. Last night she was breathing extremely laborous and I knew it wasn't fair to her anymore. What was hard was that she desperately did not want to leave us. She tried with all of her tiny might to show us that she was ok - cuddling in my arms, cooing and wagging her precious little tail. However, the desperate open-beak breathing and gasping and her inability to take in water told me that it was too late. We had to let her go, and we did. She was such a sweet little girl and we miss her so much. My heart is still breaking.

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