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Dear Jackson......

July 24, 2012

Dear Jackson,
I believe it may be time to lay off the catnip.  Although chewing on catnip pillows and sniffing them calms your sister down, it seems to have the opposite effect on you.  You are free-spirited, clumsy and just plain crazy without catnip, but when you've been sniffing it you are simply out of control.  Take this morning for example.  I came in from walking your brothers and as I was hanging their leashes you freaked out.  Your ears went back, your hair stood straight up and you jumped from the bench you were sitting on and landed on my foot, scratching it up.

From my foot you jumped straight up in the air toward the leashes.....

Note how high up the leashes are

 ......and you tried to stick your claws into the wall as though the wall was curtains you could cling on to.

Why?  You completely perplexed your brothers and sister, and your sister hid under the chair waiting for you to calm down.  At the very least, in an effort to save your father time from patching the walls, do you think you could cut down your catnip habit?

I would really appreciate it.


Jack, assessing the damage

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