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Christmas Advent Calendar - Random Acts Of Kindness

December 01, 2010

Instead of doing the traditional advent calendar this month where you uncover small goodies or trinkets, why not start a tradition of a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar?

Every day you uncover a kindness “task” to do. Remember though, the other person needs to be receptive to being helped so you should ask first if you're going to try to help them physically.

Here’s some ideas for random acts:

December 1: Make a card and send it to a friend for no reason.
December 2: Drop off books and magazines to a hospital, nursing home or doctors office.
December 3: Give a compliment to the manager of someone who helps you today.
December 4: Check in on someone you know is alone.
December 5: Send someone a small gift anonymously.
December 6: Hold the door open for someone today.
December 7: Make eye contact and smile at those you encounter today.
December 8: Run an errand for someone.
December 9: Send a thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past.
December 10: Forgive someone in a bad mood or who is negative today and say something genuinely nice to them.
December 11: Help someone at the grocery store retrieve something out of their reach or difficult for them.
December 12: Purchase a couple extra bags of dog food and bring to a local animal shelter.
December 13: Leave your change in the soda machine, vending machine, parking meter, etc. today for the next person.
December 14: Offer someone behind you at the grocery store to go ahead of you.
December 15: Say hello to everyone you come in contact with today.
December 16: Renew a relationship with someone you’ve lost touch with.
December 17: Listen to (don’t just hear them) everyone you speak with today.
December 18: Offer to help someone do a task they don’t want to do.
December 19: Ask a friend or family member about something important to them and genuinely show interest in what they have to say.
December 20: Return a shopping cart for a stranger in the parking lot.
December 21: Pick up litter you see lying around by the road or in a parking lot.
December 22: Offer to help someone who looks like they need assistance (i.e. a mother trying to open a door, an elderly person pumping gas, etc.).
December 23: Acknowledge someone who has helped you today, no matter how small the task.
December 24: Say an encouraging word today.
December 25: Tell all your family members how much you appreciate them.

The calendar can be made in any way you can think of – canvas, paper, plywood, or simply making a list and attaching it to the refrigerator.

In the example shown, I’ve used a blank canvas (11” x 14”), painted it off-white and made 25 small envelopes from a sheet of “jingle bells” music.  I had tags from an office supply store lying around, so I attached ribbon to the tags and adhered the acts of kindness.

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