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An Ollie Update

July 26, 2011

Thank you to all of you who have emailed or left comments regarding Oliver.
We really appreciate all of the kind words.

Oliver is doing well.
We are still thinking he has a vaccination reaction.
He is on a new medication and it seems to be working well.
He is back to playing with his sister and brothers and just generally causing trouble.
He still has rough moments, but all-in-all, he's much better than he was.

All the animals are currently doing good. {knock on wood!}
The chickens are enjoying a few days of lower temp.'s and humidity.

Cait is still enjoying my guilt.
My guilt for bringing in 2 crazy dog brothers and then a crazy kitten brother.
She gets away with pretty much anything right now.
And she hasn't had a bath in awhile - lucky girl.
She's feeling pretty good about all of this.
Last night she was trying to bury the cat food bowl.
It didn't work.
I suspect it was to hide it from Jackson.
We pretended we couldn't see it to make her feel better.

Jackson is a crazy bundle of energy.
He is still a little pigpen.
He gets bathed weekly because he smells like he plays in his litter box.
Do you remember that movie "Parenthood" with Steve Martin?
Do you remember his son who would entertain himself by putting a bowl on his head and spinning in circles in the yard?
This is what Jackson makes me think of.
He runs into walls, the dog crate, chairs and our legs for no reason.
Full steam ahead.
He is very funny.

Then there's Emerson.
He's been getting into his own share of trouble.
He tends to frequently get caught with a cat toy in his mouth.
We say "Emerson, I didn't buy you a toy mouse.  Is that YOUR toy mouse?"
He slowly drops the toy to the ground and walks away.
This is when we actually catch him.
When we don't, we find the couch full of cat toy stuffing or shreds of toy mice on the floor.
Emerson tells us he doesn't know who came in the house and destroyed those toys but he is determined to watch for the intruder and let us know when he finds him.

That's the update on the critters!!

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