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A Chicken "How Do You Do"

January 07, 2010

One of the best things we did when we built the new coop was to make the small door that opens to the outdoor coop open from the outside. On the old coop it opened from the inside which meant you had to walk thru all of the just-awake chickens cackling and carrying on in order to open the door to let them out. It also made it extremely difficult to shoo them in when they didn't want to come in because you couldn't shut the door behind them.

Now, in the mornings, I can hear all the "chatter" inside the coop. I usually have Lizzie or Kessa on "look-out" on top of the nesting boxes looking out the window. As soon as I'm spotted at the old coop (where we keep their scratch grains for now) the cackling begins.

At this point everyone lines up behind the small door waiting for it to magically open for the day.

When I open it up it's always the "big girls" at the forefront waiting (as patient as they can) to see what the "treat of the day" is.

Here's the usual front-runners: Lucy Lou, Allie, Kessa and Meggie. They were a bit surprised by the camera because they were hoping for dandelion greens! (They got their greens after the photo - spoiled girls!)

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