The Benefits of Bentonite Clay December 03 2014










What Is Bentonite Clay?

Bentonite Clay is a quarry mined sedimentary clay composed of weathered and aged volcanic ash.

Once Bentonite Clay is mixed with water, it produces an "electric charge".  The good thing, is that Bentonite Clay carries a negative charge.  Why is that beneficial?  Because many toxins carry a positive charge.  When the clay is introduced to the positive-charged toxin, they create a bond that keeps them together, in suspension, until the pair is eliminated {when you wash them off}.


Bentonite Clay As A First Aid Remedy

It is because of this that the clay itself is invaluable to have on hand.  One great way to use it is as a poultice used for soothing burns, or to relieve itching caused by bug bites, poison ivy or poison oak.

Bentonite Clay Poultice - add 2 Tablespoons of Bentonite Clay to a small bowl.  Slowly add drops of water until you achieve a nice, thick paste.  Apply to affected area and cover with clean gauze.   *your skin will feel tight as it dries*  Let it sit on your skin for a couple of hours before rinsing off with warm water.

It is also known to be very helpful with internal issues by ingesting it, although I've never used it in this way so I can't speak to this personally.



Bentonite Clay In Soap


Bentonite Clay is also beneficial in cold-processed soap for 3 reasons:

  1. added to a shaving soap it offers the slip needed for your razor to glide smoothly over your skin leaving you without irritation 
  2. it adds an incredibly soft lather to the soap and 
  3. it's good for all skin types and pulls oils and toxins from the skin, making it particularly good for oily skin.

Soap with Bentonite Clay added also makes a great shampoo bar for people with oily hair.

If you're looking for our soap with Bentonite Clay added, we offer shaving soap as well as our Saratoga Spa soap.  It is also one of the ingredients of our drawing salve.

In closing, I hope this clay is something you'll consider adding to your home first aid kit. It's a great natural option to use for everyday minor injuries.